Memorial Day in D.C.

When we decided to visit Melody’s best friend and her family in D.C., we didn’t realize that perhaps Memorial Day weekend wouldn’t be the best time to visit the nation’s capital. However, Westley handled his third flight like a champ, with the help of fried rice and Mario in flight, followed by burgers, hot dogs and new 2- and 7-year-old friends to take baths with. We headed to the National Zoo on Saturday, where the animals were surprisingly active with highlights that included itchy elephants, a baby gorilla, and a high-swinging orangutan. With the sweltering heat, we snacked on boiled eggs and orzo salad, drenched ourselves in misters, then hydrated with over-sweet icees on the way home for nap time. The kids were occupied by a softball game on TV at Manna BBQ for dinner, but perked up with snack samples and shopping at H-Mart next door. With the kids in bed, we enjoyed some John Mulaney standup on Netflix before turning in. We spent Sunday morning at the Mosaic District’s Farmers Market and dim sum at Vinh Kee, but vegged out for the afternoon with Black Panther when it started to rain. Memorial Day was similarly lazy, with puddle-jumping at the local playground followed by Melody and Lisa running off for pedicures and shopping, which included groceries for Melody’s broccoli-beef stir fry and steamed egg custard for dinner. We spent our last morning at the National Museum of Natural History. Westley was tentative at the butterfly exhibit, but otherwise enjoyed the dinosaur bones, insects, and savanna taxidermy until his meltdown at lunch. After a short nap, we returned our rental car and picked up some Potbelly sandwiches for our flight home. We’ll see how Westley handles the jetlag back.

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