Saturday Night Fever

We celebrated our 11th anniversary last week like any other Saturday. While Melody was at her massage, I took Westley to the library and dance class, where he has become more engaged. Despite being the smallest in class, he follows directions well, though I wished that skill translated better to home and daycare where he continues to exert his independent (and occasionally bitey) nature. After lunch and nap time, we took Westley to apply for his passport in preparation for our upcoming trip to Vancouver. On Mother’s Day, we drove to Stockton for grandparent bonding and dim sum before returning to a busy work week with Melody gone for an investigator meeting. With all the recent and upcoming travels, I decided to commute rather than stay at our department’s Napa symposium. For my pre-meeting lunch, I found myself the only patron at Ca’Momi and managed to strike up interesting conversation with the bartender over crispy sweetbreads and grilled octopus. The evening concluded with dinner with the invited speaker from UW, with whom I shared memories of yonder days from SHP and high school research. I returned to find my wife prostrate in bed with strep throat and a temp of 104, so I bailed the meeting to spend Saturday with leftovers and Mario. With antibiotics on board, Melody brought Westley to Napa to watch my talk on Sunday, and hung out at a nearby playground before another visit to Ca’Momi on the way home. As she battled out her affliction and I recover from sleep deprivation, we agreed to keep our Memorial Day trip more relaxed.

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