Promotion, Outlook, and Odyssey

My excitement for being promoted to Associate Professor at UC Davis last week was tempered by my employer’s termination of POP e-mail access, forcing me to reluctantly convert from Gmail to Outlook. Having spent years creating countless time-saving shortcuts, labels, and filters to expedite my workflow, the reversion to Outlook felt like a big step backwards. After migrating my 15GB of email data to the Exchange server last week, I spent Sunday volunteering at Paul Hom, then dined solo at Yang’s followed by an Ikea run for a cabinet and bins to contain Westley’s growing Brio and Duplo collection. Taking a break from his terrible-two tantrums, Melody and I then took Monday off to lunch at Bouchon in Yountville, where we savored escargot, onion soup, foie gras, mussels, and croque madame, followed by treats from their bakery where the usual line was nowhere to be found. Yesterday, while Melody was down in Cupertino judging resident research at Kaiser and gobbling XLB at DTF, I braved Picnic Day traffic to take Westley to his first dance lesson at Dance Daze. Despite his initial apprehension, he joined in the fun when they broke out the parachute and played his jam (“If you’re happy and you know it”). We let him chill out with his auntie Emmeline today, but waited until after his bedtime to crack into our copy of Super Mario Odyssey. Mario’s newest adventure had little new narrative, but included a cephalic accessory called “cappy” that provided some novel gameplay mechanics. Now that we’ve scheduled our solar panel installation next week, we hope to have extra AC available to beat the summer heat.

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