Big Little Staycation

After our packed NYC trip, we decided to relax at home for the rest of our Christmas break. To prepare, we stocked up on groceries, and brought leftovers home from Asian Pearl, including a variety of new foods for Westley to try like conch, geoduck, and frog – just in time for him to start forming 2-word sentences like “more…conch” and “more…seaweed”. On Friday, we took him to the local Explorit science center, which kept even us adults entertained with interactive hands-on exhibits like wind tunnels, rotating tables, ferromagnetic liquids, and nanotube models. The trip left Westley tired enough to resume his usual sleep schedule, and we were able to embark on a mini-marathon of Big Little Lies over steaming bowls of bun rieu. Despite the soap-opera feel of the HBO show, the excellent acting and deep dive into issues of domestic violence kept us engrossed throughout. We invited the in-laws over on Saturday for board games, video games, and Japanese take-out, then took a trip down to Stockton on Sunday for dim sum with the grandparents. Westley woke up on Christmas day to a new Radio Flyer wagon and a Mr. Potato Head, along with other goodies from Hape, Brio, and Melissa & Doug. Still recovering from our recent cold, we spent Christmas weekend mostly binge-watching the second season of Stranger Things and gearing up to finally rescue princess Zelda (after clocking more than 150 hours). Despite spending nearly a week vegging out at home, it’ll still be difficult to return to work this week.

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