Going Wild

Despite being on retina call for the widely anticipated solar eclipse last week, my pager remained surprisingly quiet. Melody and I had noticed the sky getting darker while working from home, and not having purchased the appropriate eye protection, ended up casting some funky crescent shadows in our yard. I saw no cases of solar retinopathy, which I attributed to the media’s excellent job at raising public awareness. We took advantage of the quiet weekend to bring Westley to the Sacramento Zoo, where he got to practice his animal sounds with actual animals. The zoo was small, but just the right size for him to comfortably explore amidst the sweltering heat. We also cheated on our usual HK spot to try out the Jade Fountain Cafe next door, which did not disappoint. At home, we finally completed our role as Pathfinder in Mass Effect Andromeda, which despite being generally panned by critics, felt overall worth our while. This gave us the chance to focus on Link’s journey in Breath of the Wild. Whether it be collecting korok seeds or killing bokoblins with their own arms, the beautiful open world continues to impress, although the combat seemed more challenging. This weekend, I had to drive down to Berkeley to participate in an advisory board, but gave me a chance to try out a new ramen joint and stock up on Marta tumblers from CB2. With early Labor Day sales, we also got a new set of Dansk flatware from Macy’s to replace our 10-year-old wedding set. We are still left feeling unsettled, however, as our bathroom renovations continue to drag along due to multiple delays. I can hardly wait until the contractors are done so we can enjoy our home again.

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