Bump & Lump

July marks the beginning of another academic year, and we welcomed our new fellows over a Hawaiian-themed BBQ on Independence Day, followed by catered Italian food for the residents last week. Since I was away for vacation last month, my clinics have been overbooked, which was especially brutal with new trainees and my new scribe out sick. I also had new summer students in lab working on a variety of projects, as well as a couple of grant deadlines to keep me busy. Fortunately, some of my hard work paid off with a new pilot grant from the California National Primate Research Center which also helped us gain some publicity. At home, we’ve finally started the demolition phase of our bathroom renovations, as we made some final purchases like exhaust fans, shower arms, and towel bars. We also took advantage of Prime Day deals for a new Echo Show and a sous vide machine to cook the ribeyes we recently bought. Westley also enjoyed our new toys on the kitchen counter last week when he decided to take a nose dive to the floor. The lump on his forehead wasn’t so bad, but when he started falling asleep during bath time, we decided to revisit the Sutter Davis ER yet again. Fortunately, he quickly perked up by the time I arrived, so we decided after much deliberation to observe closely rather than get a head CT. Westley was back to his normal cheerful self to enjoy dim sum and Zelda with his cousin and auntie yesterday. Although his colorful badges have faded, our anxiety hasn’t yet.

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