Masses for Science

We attended the March for Science to the State Capitol today. This was our first political march, and we did not come prepared with our own witty nerd sign, but did come dressed for the occasion with my Addgene apparel and Melody’s Schroedinger’s cat T-shirt. Westley enjoyed his new stroller and clapped along with the crowds as they cheered, “What do we want? Evidence-based policy!” and “When do we want it? After peer review!” We met some UCD ophtho folks there, and joined them for lunch over hot pastrami and meatball sandwiches at Sampino’s. Back home, we spent our little spare time killing Kett in the new Mass Effect Andromeda. Although generally panned for its character animations, stilted dialogues, and tedious missions, the game brought enough nostalgia and satisfied enough of Melody’s completionist tendencies to keep us engaged while we waited for our left Joy-Con to be repaired. I also tried to revive my old RC car with a new LiPo battery to play with Westley, only to burn out the motor after just 2 runs. Otherwise, we’ve mostly stayed at home to manage the finishing touches to our window repairs, installation of a motorized sunscreen for our family room, and successful sale of our Sundance Spa, which we sent off with a final late-night soak as its last hurrah.

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